Home Model Design

Here we start with some home details.  This is a custom floor plan as we wanted to design a kitchen that resembled our custom home in the north.  This meant a kitchen with a center island downdraft range with wide walk space around the island.  The kitchen with two sinks would accommodate two cooks with room to converse with guests during preparation.

Pre-design construction model

Pre-design construction model as basis for design consideration

We started with a custom design.  In order to visualize how the preliminary design would work I used a computer architecture design program.  This program the printed out all building sections and color schemes.  Next step was use the pattern pieces to cut out foam board pieces used to build a scale model.  The model is still available for viewing when you take a tour of the property.

3-D floor plan

Final design 3-D floor plan showing two different angle views

From the preliminary design model and layout design we spent many hours with the Pringle Development designer architect to design our dream house.  This picture shows two different views of the final design process.  This was part of the documentation used by the builders along with the six pages of blueprints; they are available for the new home owner.

This is a unique design with private master suite, large roll-in shower, two linen closets, a coat closet, and bedroom/office.  The large kitchen location is convenient to garage and public areas in the home.

Great Room TV

View that greets your guests when then enter the front door

This is view that greets your guests when they enter into the foyer.  The arched entry goes to the tiled TV room.  When the entering guests peer to the left they will get a glimpse of the very workable entertaining kitchen.

When pictures are just not enough, then contact us by email for more information and to arrange a visit; spam emails will be ignored.  You can also phone for details.  It is such a simple procedure to work directly with seller when you are ready for the financial discussions.

About Pricing:  For any real estate transaction the final price will always be a negotiated price between buyer and seller.  From a practical perspective both buyer and seller have wiggle room on pricing.  We hope to get a certain amount but we also want to sell at a reasonable price.  We will know that when a buyer really likes the house.  When that happens we will arrive at a negotiated price.  Price comes down to risk and reward for buyer and seller.  Offer the seller a price and conditions were there is limited risk for seller and then buyer gets the deal.  Put the risk to the seller and the seller gets a higher price.  Of course, the best deal for both buyer and seller has no realtor commission.

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