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All commentary and comments on this site are strictly those of the author or property owners and are not provided by the developer, builder, or any real estate agents or agencies; this is a privately owned site has no affiliation with Pringle Homebuilding Group, Florida Leisure Communities, or Legacy of Leesburg Property Owners Association.

Anyone interested in purchasing a home should verify information provided about each property; the seller of each property has an obligation to disclose material defects about the property for sale.  Sellers are solely responsible for the accuracy of each property description.This site has been developed and is maintained by  the owner of two properties listed on this site.

Advertised listings on this site are for the benefit of buyers and sellers.  Each seller is responsible for the accuracy of an individual property listing.  Any real estate agreements and transactions are solely between buyer and seller.

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Note:  This service is only available for owner who are selling their own property and will manage all closing details with no assistance from a realtor.  MLS listing are not accepted.
This site is benefit FSBO properties as any listed properties and communities will encourage sales and benefit all listings.
Regional adult community home owners wishing to have their properties listed for sale on this site should use the contact link below to request details on policies, guidelines, and pricing (currently free).  Listings may be simple or detailed, with photos and property information provided by homeowner.  If you have a home in another adult community you will need provide pictures and information about your community; you will also be required to provide all photos for your property.
Marketing and promotions for FloridaOver55Homes.com service is provided by the Listing Service and may include sponsored ads on Microsoft search, Yahoo! search, and Google AdWords. Facebook is a primary social media form of advertising through several groups. Twitter is also used for weekly updates.
Contact info@FloridaOver55Homes.com for details about listings, requests must include name, address, and telephone number.

Sponsors Accepted.
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 about home sales, remodeling, renovations, or other relevant services will be accepted for placement on the home page or other pages. Advertising fees will help in eliminating listing fees so that more homes can be listed.
Contact info@legacyofleesburghomesforsale.com for details about sponsored advertisements.


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